Lilian Ewen

"All staff I met were relaxed, friendly and very helpful, looking after my every comfort."

I was referred by my family dentist for infection at the roots of two teeth. These teeth required extraction and I chose to have them replaced by implants. My experience was excellent. All staff were very caring and efficient. Dr Ickert was very charming, skilled in his work, and made me feel totally at ease during all procedures.

I chose the Ickert Dental Implant Centre because my family dentist advised me that all dental work that I needed at this time could be provided at Dr. Ickert's practice.

The office environment was new, very clean, bright and pleasant. All staff I met were relaxed, friendly and very helpful, looking after my every comfort. I would recommend the services to anyone requiring restorative work and advise them of my stress free experience.

Walt Judas

"Dr. Ickert is simply the best at what he does."

For anything beyond general dentistry that requires the services of a specialist, Dr. Ickert is always my first choice for consultation and treatment. In this case, discomfort in the lower gum/nerve prompted my visit after my dentist recommended specialized treatment.

During my initial visit, Dr. Ickert provided a detailed description of the problem and outlined a couple of options for treatment, one of which I will pursue. Dr. Ickert is simply the best at what he does. His extensive training and experience, combined with exceptional work gives me the confidence to know that the care and treatment will both exceed my expectations and last a lifetime.

The staff are efficient, friendly, conscientious and highly professional. They care about my well-being and take time to get to know me personally. In spite of the challenging nature of their work, they seem to really enjoy what they do and like working together.

I have recommended Dr. Ickert to many people over the years because I am confident they will receive the absolute best care. I have no hesitation whatsoever in telling people to seek treatment at Ickert Dental Implant Centre.

Amy Norton

"5 out of 5 stars!"

Every 6 months I visit Ickert Dental for my routine dental checkups. The staff and Dr. Ickert are such a friendly and knowledgeable group of professionals. Margo is very thorough during my hygiene visit and is always informing me of progress I have made or what I should change to improve my overall oral health.

Dr. Ickert is an honest dentist that puts my needs first over making a dollar (some dentists I have been to have taken very little interest in preventative dentistry). You can tell his passion is to have predictable, long lasting, results for me and he wants to keep my teeth as healthy for as long as possible.

Every staff member, starting with Jennifer at reception, who by the way, is one of the most friendly and sincere people I have met at a medical office. She has great phone etiquette and is always courteous when confirming appointments, sending in my insurance info, and emailing me with appointment reminders etc. She is a valuable asset to the Ickert team. Every time I go into the office I feel like I am welcomed like a family member and am very comfortable for my visit.

Teeth are very important to maintain over a lifetime and deserve regular visits with a dentist. I trust that the Ickert team will always be honest and proactive in dental care for all their patients and do what they do for love of dentistry. I would highly recommend their office because I believe they are one of the best offices who invests in technology to better serve their patients. 5 out of 5 stars!

Donna Hawkins

"Each member of this team truly wanted the best possible solution to maximize my well-being"

Initially I had an abscess. I needed pain relief. My dentist had just retired so I asked a friend for a recommendation. My friend was well aware of my fear of visiting the dental chair and my high expectations of all professionals, especially the dentist. She referred me to Dr. Ickert.

My experiences and treatments have been numerous and varied. They include extractions, veneers, implants, exchange of implants, bone graphs, gum augmentation, a bar denture, dentures with teeth of various sizes, shapes and colors, flippers, de-programmers and a full mouth implant restoration.

The TEAM at Ickert Implant Center never gave up on me, even though my case was exceptionally challenging. Each member of this team truly wanted the best possible solution to maximize my well-being. In my case, the solution involved thinking outside the box and when that box seemed too small, building a bigger box. The entire TEAM remained on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology but never sacrificed the integrity of each patient as a unique individual.

The Ickert Dental Implant Centre team is welcoming, accepting, knowledgeable, compassionate, obliging, considerate, honest. The TEAM is trustworthy. Your needs will be met.

Harold Stewart

"Never a hint of anything less than perfect in their service"

I was referred to Dr. Ickert by my regular dentist for an implant of one of my front teeth. The existing crown had come off and there was issues around re-installing a crown on the existing root.

The treatment included a bone transplant, a gum graft and an implant. right from the first consultation the office was very friendly, informative and professional. Never a hint of anything less than perfect in their service. Dr. Ickert was very informative on the complete process with the desired outcomes and possible risks.

The office was warm and friendly. The staff without exception was outstanding in all aspects. Friendly, sensitive and courteous. Always on time and called me by name whenever I went in. It was like I had been visiting them for years and years.

As far as an implant goes if you need one you need one. I could not imagine there would be anyone more qualified or even close to the service this office provides.

Sally Stewart

"Everyone has a good sense of humour, whether I am funny or not they laugh or make me laugh"

My dentist has had some studies under Norm Ickert and so when I needed to have a bridge replaced and some teeth in the front I took their word and the referral was made.

I came in for an assessment and the financial lowdown, had an mri and a thorough check up. Dr. Ickert and all his staff were most hospitable. Super friendly and I recall how explanations were always forthcoming. Why this..., What is that for..., What you are looking for..., Why the beeper beeps when you are unscrewing something..., The equipment..., The small waiting times etc. It was all explained.

While I checked out other sources and option for dental care I found IDIC to be the friendliest. Smiles do make the difference while elsewhere some dental lady was grouchy, impatient and negative. Would I want her near me?

Dr. Ickert has a good sense of humour. When Dr. Ickert says first off call me Norm and then how much he likes my outfit, I can't really believe it but I push the humour button by telling this man that it only cost $11.00 because that is how I shop. The irony of prepping for a $10,000.00 tooth job was not lost on anyone. Everyone has a good sense of humour, whether I am funny or not they laugh or make me laugh. Maybe if I could not have afforded it I would be less upbeat, but I could.

I suspect the next two visits will be just fine. So without any reservations I would highly recommend Dr Norm Ickert and his whole team.

Betty Legge

"I was amazed at how well everything went"

I was told by my dentist that to solve my tooth problem , I needed an implant. Dr. W. Ennis suggested Dr. Ickert. I was amazed at how well everything went. The tooth removal was no problem for me. I waited about 7 months for completing the process, all went well. I have no problems and am certainly pleased with the results. The office/staff is very professional and friendly and I would certainly tell others about Dr. Ickert

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