Eric Brown

"Dr. Ickert and his staff care for all of their patients"

I was referred to Dr. Ickert by Dr Todd Sorbo as we needed to address issue of enamel decay on teeth plus overstressed front teeth. Had 3 options to consider and he suggested that Dr. Ickert would be the ideal person to review the alternatives with.

The decision made was to do major reconstructive dental surgery which initially involved 7 implants to fill in gaps plus crowns on most teeth and one bridge. Subsequent to this an additional implant was required and one implant broke and had to be replaced. Some further work is scheduled to address one of the lower front teeth which is becoming loose and needs to be removed.

Dr. Ickert's office is nice and exceptional staff to provide assistance. Always a pleasant experience when coming to the office.

I highly recommend the implant services provided by Dr. Ickert. He does a very professional job and stands by his services and if any issues they are addressed immediately. Him and his staff care for all of their patients and all are very professional in the services that are provided.

Denny Timonen

"The level of service and care is top notch"

I went to Dr. Ickert when I started having some tooth pain from my wisdom teeth.

From start to finish everyone is very welcoming and makes you feel as though you are under good care. Although a rough and tough procedure it was not as bad as I had expected it to be. Dr. Ickert and staff were very good at ensuring that I was ok during the procedure and even after with a follow up call.

I chose to go with Dr. Ickert as I was driving by the office knowing that I needed to find a dentist... location was good as it is close to home and first impression of the office was very good. Walked into the office on a day where they were actually closed and Helen took the time to listen to my concern about my tooth and get me booked in as soon as possible.

Love the staff and environment here. VERY welcoming and everyone makes you feel comfortable. The level of service and care is top notch... if you've ever been unsure or uneasy about visiting a dentist... Dr. Ickert and his staff will definitely change that. The personal touch is very much appreciated.

Dr. G. Frank O. Tyers

"Dr. Ickert and his staff are excellent on all counts"

Dr. Ickert is highly recommended and I was very impressed by facility, cleanliness, staff professionalism etc on preliminary visit.

If you find yourself at the Ickert Dental Implant Centre, you are fortunate to have been referred to one of the most professional and diligent professionals I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Gary Abbott

"You get the best of everything from Dr. Ickert and his team"

I was referred to Dr. Ickert by my dentist Dr Reimer. I had lost a tooth and wanted a more permanent solution then a bridge.

Firstly, losing a front tooth is an emotional and physical problem. It was a long and painful journey, but well worth the time and pain. I remember the day that we were completed, I could smile again and not be conscious about the front tooth not being there. I liked the fact that with the titanium implant I would never have to go through the situation again.

I was certain that this was the right place after I had seen the technology that they were using. From the 3D Imaging X Ray and all the pictures taking during the process. I also liked how the team explained every step and worked in a highly professional manner. LIkeability and bedside manner aren't a prerequisite for the best care, but you do get the best of everything from Dr Ickert and his team.

The staff's likeability and bedside manner aren't a prerequisite for the best care, but you do get the best of everything from Dr Ickert and his team.

I think that my type of procedure is amongst the most difficult, the results are fantastic, well worth the investment of time.

Sandy from Dr. Maduke & Dr. Bulat's Office

"Dr. Ickert stands behind his work"

We send our patients to Dr. Ickert as we know that they will receive quality care. Dr. Ickert stands behind his work.

Dr. Ickert is kind, gentle and approachable and his staff is friendly and helpful. We truly enjoy working with everyone on his team!

In order for a patient to receive an ideal result, communication between specialties is critical. Dr. Ickert is truly involved in the multi-disciplinary approach that is necessary for quality, long-term, stable results.

Peter McDonald

"Go to the best, go to Dr. Ickert"

I was referred to Dr. Ickert when dealing with broken front teeth.

The experience was the best ever as the treatment was long but was needed to do it right and I appreciate the care and time to make it the best.

There is no one better, not just for dentistry but for any professional services or non-professional services I have ever gone to. Go to the best, go to Dr. Ickert

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