"The efficiency that all the staff conducts within the office is superior"

The service given to my mom was always superior and all the staff so compassionate that I wanted that service also. So I made a change in dentists and I began with a "check-up"at Ickert Dental. I was so pleased with the service given. My subsequent services such as an emergency tooth ache resulting in 2 teeth extracted was attended to with immediate compassionate attention. And I thank you for that relief. :) though 7:30 for dental surgery was a bit tough but needed (yawn yawn)

I have always received immediate accommodation to all of my appointments ...... skilled staff & Dr. Ickert are so generous with answers to any questions I have ....I also appreciate the up to date equipment that leaves me to appreciate the efforts put into each of my services.

The efficiency that all the staff conducts within the office is superior and I can tell that there is care and attention to detail.

Take the time to come and experience the services offered with Ickert Dental and you will be very pleased.


"I would highly recommend the Ickert Dental Centre to anyone wanting the best"

I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Ickert to have implants done. I wanted the best Dr. to do my implants and I was treated by professionals who I could put trust in their judgement.

This office has a great staff and I would highly recommend the Ickert Dental Centre to anyone wanting "The Best".


"I would strongly recommend/refer your office"

I was diagnosed with concussion and TMD post MVA and want to address jaw pain related to poor bite.

The Ickert Dental Centre provides professional and friendly service with knowledgeable staff that take good care of thier clients. With thier experience in their field of expertise I would strongly recommend/refer your office as you are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and caring toward clients.


"It's a well-oiled machine. I'll refer anyone in a heartbeat!"

I requested aesthetic work to achieve continuity to colour of front teeth. Not [going to] lie. There were some discomforts, but they were minimized as much as possible. And I'm extremely pleased with the ultimate results.

I was a previous patient & returned out of necessity for a dentist. I've always been pleased with Dr. Ickert's advice & work on my teeth and so glad I returned.

It's a well-oiled machine. And if one must go to the dentist, it's a pleasure to have such friendly staff take care of you & make you feel valued. I'll refer anyone in a heartbeat!


"I would highly recommend Dr Ickert's Implant Center to any patient"

I was recommended to see Dr. Ickert by my dentist for reconstructive dentistry - implant.

Duration of my treatment was spread over a period of several months in the last year. I have had only a very positive experience during my several visits to Dr. Ickert's clinic. Every visit was planned in such way that was highly efficient right from the first minute I entered the office. The office staff starting from receptionists and including all members of the assisting team was always very pleasant and highly professional. Also the environment of the office is very pleasant, with an efficient layout and a nice interior design. There were never any delays during my visits, Dr. Ickert was always on time and his health team coordination was excellent. After an initial examination, the imaging and a photo documentation was done if appropriate. Dr Ickert explained to me very thoroughly the plan for my treatment and always answered all of my questions.

I consider my experience and treatment I received at the clinic the best one I had ever had with any dental surgeon whether in Ontario or B.C. with a very friendly staff and a pleasant office design.

I would highly recommend Dr Ickert's Implant Center to any patient in need of a reconstructive or aesthetic dental procedure.


"Go, don't stop at anywhere else, just go."

I went to see Dr. Ickert because of failing teeth structure due to prior injuries, dry mouth, gum disease, etc.

I have lived all across this vast country and have been to many different oral surgeons. Norm and his staff far exceed any other office I have ever been to. Simply superb! From the moment you enter the Foyer and Jennifer greets you by first name and with a big joyous smile, to then being received into the inner office with a much similar hello and smile, it certainly makes on feel comfortable and appreciated for coming.

Go, don't stop at anywhere else, just go. Service, comfort, caring, empathy, and appreciation all wrapped up in a nice package. Norm himself is very humble and understanding. He includes you in the problem solving formula which is important for your personal health. Just go!


"Book without fear!"

I was referred to Dr. Ickert by a family member. History of sore gums, sensitive teeth and multiple cavities.

I have had multiple treatments ranging from help for my sensitive teeth, fluoride treatment to help slow the development of cavities, root canals and crown repair. Services have been friendly, courteous and professional.

I received excellent service provided by friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff and Dr. Ickert himself. The office is clean, bright, inviting, warm and professional. Book without fear!

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