"The office environment is the friendliest dental office I have ever experienced!"

Dr. Ickert recommended by my dentist for an implant. From my first visit to the office I felt very comfortable and confident that Dr. Ickert would do the best job possible. Implants are never a good experience but all the staff were very professional and confident, which ensured me that I would be well taken care of.

The office environment is the friendliest dental office I have ever experienced. The professionalism and kindness taken by all staff allowed me to be more relaxed. I would highly recommend your office to anyone that would require your service. It's not easy to find a business that truly cares about your outcome as a customer and Ickert Dental has proven they are committed.

Rod Cameron

"The level of care based on their knowledge is second to none."

I had a need for an implant and the Dentist I used prior didn't understand customer service so I decided to switch. My last dentist wasn't capable of doing every part of implants in house and left it up to me to look after making appointments for parts of the procedure that they not capable of doing.

Norm looked after every detail and fixed the problem quickly. Norm and staff are very knowledgeable and professional and equally personable. I know that the level of care based on their knowledge is second to none and something you would expect downtown Vancouver and not necessarily in Langley. I recently had surgery and Norm called in the evening to follow up because it had been a difficult procedure and he was concerned. I know I have the very best care.

I was recommended by a friend and very thankful for that. The reason I stay is because I know I couldn't be in better hands.

Ron Moore

"Everything is first class and the staff is there for your comfort."

I had heard of implants for my lower plate to compensate for the bone loss after having dentures for a long time. (53 yrs.) Alan Brown gave me your card. When I called your competitor they wanted a $150.00 service fee to talk to me. Your office treated me with the utmost concerns and told me that Dr. Ickert would have a consultation with me and layed out the procedure and end cost. The staff from the receptionist to the ladies that assist Dr. Ickert are very professional and kind.

I was given an appointment date and a prescription for medications, sedatives, and instructions. The treatment went very well, a little tender the next day but nothing to be concerned about, My original denture was usable within a couple of days. The next appointment is still on going as the posts that were installed were not long enough to connect the denture, but I am expecting that they will work just great.

I was referred by Alan Brown denturist, in Langley, and after the very first phone call to the office. I felt I would be in good hands. Everything is first class and the staff is there for your comfort. Talk to Dr. Ickert or any of his staff and rest in comfort that there is probably none better.

Marilee Yorke

"Please proceed with confidence!"

Following two failed bridges (which had been in place for over 30 years), with abscesses in both places, my dentist referred me to another dentist who felt that I would not be a candidate for dental implants due to the position of the nerves, and the lack of bone density. But they personally knew Dr. Ickert, and felt that one more assessment was in order.

Dr. Ickert and his capable staff quickly determined that I would indeed be a suitable candidate for dental implants, but would require some bone grafting as well. My treatment spanned nine months, with careful followup at each step of the way. This included a sinus elevation, bone grafting and insertion of 3 implants. I always felt that I was a part of the treatment plan and was treated with the ultimate of respect and dignity. The procedures were always done quickly and comfortably, with special attention to my comfort. When the teeth were fixed onto the posts, it felt like they had always been there. I'm going to miss my visits to the office - but look forward to a yearly maintenance check-in.

I feel the choice was made for me by two other caring dentists - and I'm so glad they took the time to seek out a higher level of dental service. The cost of the service did not seem prohibitive either.

The clinic is beautiful and calming. Each staff member was kind and friendly. I believe they were genuinely interested in each and every client that came into the office. To those considering the services of this clinic - I say "Please proceed with confidence, and make sure you take the time to use the fabulous washroom facilities provided for clients!"

Linda Steinbach

"I would recommend Ickert Dental Implants without reservation."

I started my "dental journey" with Dr. Ickert and his team in September 2012. As a health care professional, I was apprehensive being in the patient role. From the initial consultation to the finished product, I was treated with respect, patience and understanding. The support from both Dr Ickert and his knowledgable staff was amazing. I could not have had a more positive experience. I would recommend Ickert Dental Implants without reservation.

Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Silvano Patrignani

"Go for it you'll never regret it!"

I was wearing partial plate both top and bottom, it was very uncomfortable and the remaining teeth needed constant dental care, so I decided that maybe few implants in the right location would improve my mastication and I didnt have to wear the partials, I discussed with my dentist after the latest root canal and he referred me to Dr. Ickert for a consultation and assessment, needless to say that the problem with my teeth were more extensive than we thought, and Dr. Ickert presented me with options to address the problems I had in my mouth.

The process was almost two years to complete, the reason being I eventually decided to have a complete "makeover" top and bottom, the level of discomfort was bearable, considering the extensive surgical procedures and bone grafts needed, but Dr. Ickert always made sure that I was comfortable before beginning any procedure and constantly monitoring and inquiring as how I felt.

After the first free consultation I was very impressed with the equipment and the level of in dept knowledge that was in Dr. Ickert facilities all the staff were very professional in dealing with any situation and I was right. Go for it you'll never regret it!

Trevor Legge

"Friendly, helpful, professional and overall excellent!"

Dr. Warren Ennis recommended that I visit Dr. Ickert to have an implant provided onto which a false tooth could be placed.

The treatment and experience of the entire process in the office was friendly, helpful, professional and overall was excellent. Dr. Ickert's skill and style was outstanding and made the whole process painless and very comfortable.

The environment was very pleasing and comfortable and the staff with whom I came into contact were all very professional, friendly and helpful. They portrayed the very high standard culture of the entire office.

I would recommend Dr. Ickert to anyone very highly and advise to not hesitate if they had any fears or concerns.

Lilian Ewen

"All staff I met were relaxed, friendly and very helpful, looking after my every comfort."

I was referred by my family dentist for infection at the roots of two teeth. These teeth required extraction and I chose to have them replaced by implants. My experience was excellent. All staff were very caring and efficient. Dr Ickert was very charming, skilled in his work, and made me feel totally at ease during all procedures.

I chose the Ickert Dental Implant Centre because my family dentist advised me that all dental work that I needed at this time could be provided at Dr. Ickert's practice.

The office environment was new, very clean, bright and pleasant. All staff I met were relaxed, friendly and very helpful, looking after my every comfort. I would recommend the services to anyone requiring restorative work and advise them of my stress free experience.

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