Ickert Dental Teaching Centre

Ickert Teaching Centre

Ickert Teaching Centre

Dr. Ickert is deeply grateful for the mentors who have educated, encouraged and inspired him to pursue continuous improvement in knowledge and application of science-based comprehensive dentistry, including dental implants.

As a way of honouring these mentors and the privilege of their influence on his life, both professionally and personally, he has developed a strong passion for imparting this knowledge to his colleagues throughout the entire world.

For several years, Dr. Ickert and his support team have educated dentists, providing both didactic knowledge and hands-on experience. Hundreds of dentists from various parts of the world have participated in these comprehensive courses.

In addition, Dr. Ickert continually provides lectures to Dental organizations and dentists throughout North America. Most recently, Dr. Ickert’s most influential mentor, Dr. John Kois, has offered Dr. Ickert a guest instructor’s position at the most prestigious Kois Center, in Seattle, Washington, where he now teaches two very extensive implant programs together with Dr. Dean Kois. Dentists travel world-wide to this amazing, world class learning facility. Dr. Ickert considers it a sincere honour and privilege to be considered part of the faculty. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in a science-based and practical manner.

More information regarding the content of these courses can be seen at www.Koiscenter.com

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